Title :  New Pet Profile

Pet Id :  321316

Breed :  Irish Terrier

Weight :  234Kg

City or Town :  Winnipeg

Gender :  Male

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A pet policy protects the furriest (and arguably most adorable), member of your family. Should they suddenly need medical attention after an accident or illness, could you meet the costs of their treatment? The last thing you want to be worrying about is vet fees when your pet is unwell. Above all, having cover in place could give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your cat or dog is well-protected. There are four main policy types you might want to consider for your pet; Lifetime – to ensure your pet is covered you must renew your policy every year. This type of policy should cover any new medical illness or injury with a set amount of money each year. As long as the policy is renewed it will provide cover for long-term or recurring illnesses for the length of the policy. Maximum benefit – a maximum set amount of money is made available to cover each illness or injury your pet may suffer. Once the amount has been paid out, the treatment won’t be covered again. Time limited - also known as a 12 month policy. This is different from a maximum benefit policy as there is a fixed sum of money made available for each separate illness or injury, and it will only cover treatment for a specific period of time (usually 12 months from the start of the illness or injury). Accident only – this type of policy provides a fixed sum of money for each accidental injury to help towards your pet’s treatment. This will only cover accidents and not illnesses, with some policies having a time limit on treatment.